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triapens's Journal

6 June
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10 bucks says you dont have it in you.

hi i'm emilea.
i have strong feelings and opinions but you most likely haven't heard them.
i speak so loudly, and i shall continue to listen. and when your problems solved, know that i'm still there.
i've made plenty of mistakes, and i apologize to whom they may have influenced.
i'm the worst person in every situation. always. it's my fault. blame me
i've been let down and disappointed more than ever recently.
i dont have standards, i have expectations, which are mostly common sense.
unfortunately, common sense isn't so common any more.

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^Me and Will are the best of friends.
Except he's sort of annoying.
And lame.
And weird.

“It’s been thirteen seconds since you all last said i’ve become the apparition
you predicted for my death you said that flirting brings you closer to the end you can bait into the water but you’ll never get the hint and like a stain of bricks goes dancing by your head plucked from an icebox grafted on my skin my coat has hid the marks mink hits the shovel fix near the sway of pendulums boar abasions and a kiss” she said, “I’ll never let them hurt you i’ll never let them in what you took from me is mine what is mine I’ll never give” mascara glass in the molar weeds herash, a serpent infancy his eye patch pussed a gap of sand into his shine a sedative more and more the dirt collects you’ll never find her body now her closet festered in a secret air blonde underneath a blackened hair he never knew the colony gestated in his bed mingle with the carnivores you’ve something both in common now till one day his wasted breath swollen throat and karma debt set foot inside a parlor, to find her drunken by receipts he held her by the ankles gutted at the nave, yes gutted and depraves he tied a rope around her legs and let her hang for seven days."