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Name: Emilea
Nicknames: Emmie, Emmers, Emmet, Emmlz, Em, Emmo, Blue, E-unit, etc etc x30
Mood: Fscking pissed
Listening To: Saturday Night - The Misfits
Birth Date: June 6
Birth Place: North Van
Hair Color: Dark brown, soon to be darker brown with black underthing. Maybe.
Eye Color: Bleu
Height: 5'6
Righty Or Lefty: Left
Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Your Heritage: French+Irish
The Shoes You Wore Today: My black flats
Your Weakness: Chocolate
Your Fears: Clowns, Texas Chainsaw man :(0+
Your Most Overused Phrase On Msn: 'that's funny'
Your Thoughts First Waking Up:
Your Best Physical Feature: My boobs.
Your Bedtime: 10 on weeknights
Your Most Missed Memory: That time me and Kim wrote in the snow 'Em+Kimbo=BFFL' when we were twelve
Grossest Thing You Ever Ate: mushrooms
Pepsi Or Coke: Coke..aine 8D
McDonald's Or Burger King: McDo
Single Or Group Dates: Single
Adidas Or Nike: Nike
Lipton Iced Tea Or Nestea: Lipton Iced Tea
Chocolate Or Vanilla: Vanilla
Cappuccino Or Coffee: Cappuccino
Smoke: Might as well, it's very attractive apparently
Cuss: All the time you wanker :D
Sing: Yeah, when I'm happy
Have A Crush: Quite fucking possibly
Do You Think You've Been In Love: UGH GOD
Want To Go To College: Dunno, I haven't really gotten there yet
Want To Get Married: I guess
Believe In Yourself: Yes
Get Motion Sickness: If I'm reading or whatever in the car, I will get sick
Think You're A Health Freak: Uh. No. I don't really care about my health
Get In Fights With Your Parents: Not as much anymore
Like Thunderstorms:
Play An Instrument: No.

In the past month...
Drank Alcohol: Yeah.
Smoked: No
Done A Drug: Yes
Made Out: No.
Gone On A Date: No.
Gone To The Mall: Yes
Eaten An Entire Box Of Oreos: Nope
Been Dumped: Yep.
Missed Someone: Nope, definitely not
Made Home Made Cookies: No
Gone Skinny Dipping: No, sadly
Dyed Your Hair: Nope
Stolen Anything: Yeah

Have you ever...
Been Trashed Or Extremely Intoxicated: Roflcopter (Mellie), yes I have
Cried Over Someone Of The Opposite Sex: SDIHOTD More than once
Wanted To Tell Someone You Love Them: Not overly.
Been Called A Tease: Of course
Gotten Beatin' Up: Yeah
Shoplifted: Nope
Changed Who You Were To Fit In: No

Shampoo: L'oreal
Colour: Black+green+pink TOGETHER. <3
Ice Cream: Sherbert
Magazine: Vogue, Elle, Elle Girl, Teen Vogue, Glamour
Sport: ringette
Piercing: Lip piercings~~~~!!! <3 And nose. :D
Gum: Bubblicious!
TV Show: The Simple Life XD
Type Of Food: Chocolateeeeeee
Fruit: Raspberries
Vegetable: Ew
Stores: American Eagle
Season: Spring

In A Guy...
Best Eye Color: Blueee
Best Hair Color: Blaccckkkk
Short Or Long Hair: Emo fringe
Height: 6'1 or so.
Best Weight: 3000 POUNDS =/ Wtf do I know about guys weight?
Best Article Of Clothing: A towel
Best First Date Location: The Endo
Best First Kiss Location: Parents bed. Or something offensive like that

# Of Drugs Taken Illegally:
# Of People I Could Trust With My Life: I can't say I really know until I trust someone
# Of CD's I Own: At least 60
# Of Piercings: 9e05496 soon to be like, 4 KMGD08U6U98ER8UT8U``~~1;12O3 ;o;
# Of Tattoos: Omfg I'm going to get like..a tiara on my upper thigh, angel wings on my back, the word 'Virgin' on my right wrist, a cross-anklet tatoo on my right..ankle, a faerie on my lower back, and my middle name on the back of my neck with a red bow above it :O
# Of Scars On My Body: I guess a few. Nothing really ugly. I did, in fact, have a scar on my left boob, but it's really faded
# Of Things In My Past I Regret: Absolutely nothing, if everything happens for a reason
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